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Handling bankruptcy can be a taxing endeavor, both financially and mentally. Often the result of illness, divorce, or the loss of income, the circumstances revolving around bankruptcy make the decision to file more than purely a financial issue. Attorney Michael T. Gaffney has experience in handling bankruptcy cases with an approach that keeps both the personal and financial aspects of your case confidential.

As shown below, the process of filing and executing bankruptcy procedures can be rather convoluted and extremely confusing. Here to guide you through both the emotionally complex and highly technical solutions of your case, Attorney Michael T. Gaffney, works to streamline the process. Utilizing tested methods, Attorney Gaffney works to protect you—offering a peace of mind that is rarely seen in bankruptcy cases.

File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In chapter seven bankruptcy, your debts are resolved through the liquidation of your assets. Important personal assets like your home, savings, automobiles, 401K, and retirement plans are exempt from this liquidation, making chapter seven bankruptcy an appropriate solution for many individuals and families. Chapter seven bankruptcy, however, is only allowed for those who are below a minimum income threshold that certifies that they do not have excess income. If this threshold is surpassed then chapter thirteen bankruptcy processes are required.

File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A debt repayment program, chapter thirteen bankruptcy is used for those with excess income looking to consolidate their debt with creditors. Useful in avoiding foreclosure, chapter 13 bankruptcy’s payment structure is ideal for those looking to protect their assets despite excess income. With chapter thirteen, it is expected that you make an agreement in good faith with your creditors to repay them on a regular basis. That being said, payment does not have to be made in full. If your creditor stands to recoup more than would be expected in a chapter seven bankruptcy solution—which is a zero sum outcome—then a deal can be made.

Should I file Bankruptcy?

With Attorney Michael T. Gaffney, the initial consultation for your bankruptcy, divorce, or personal injury case is free. With this consultation, moving forward is easy. Attorney Gaffney, with years of experience, is able to process your specific situation and provide the proper course of action required to protect your finances. Committed to you and your case, Attorney Gaffney, puts you first when it comes to filing for bankruptcy—preserving and maintaining your financial stability.

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